Each one of us is unique. Our way of being in the world, to a large extent, already predetermined by the way we experienced life in our younger years. Raising our awareness of these patterns, offers us the opportunity for change.


Men have emotional needs in exactly the same way as women. They feel things such as anger, grief, shame, sadness and anxiety in the same way. The ‘silencing’ of these feelings through the gender role, has denied men the opportunity of therapy. This is changing. More men of all ages and ‘standing’ are now realising their emotional potential and discovering that they too, can really benefit from finding out who they really are, and what really makes them happy.


Women can often lose their sense of who they are, amongst the many life changing stages and expectations. This can lead to a sense of low self esteem, loneliness and a powerful inner critic. Therapy can help bring about a real sense of themselves and a sense of empowerment and choice.