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A therapeutic approach to making sense of your Self, and the Life you have been living.

Take a moment to wonder what you would like to discover. 'Why do I feel so disillusioned?' What would make me truly happy?' 'How do I find my perfect partner?'

The shocking truth is that most of us are feeling lonely and disconnected, even though we have all the ‘things’ we dreamt of?

With compassion and curiosity, our conversations will help you to:

• Reconnect with yourself

• Discover a sense of belonging

• Find the courage to speak your truth

• Take better care of yourself

• Build healthier relationships

• Improve confidence / self esteem

• Develop your sense of purpose



  • In a world where we are encouraged to wear a mask, it is a privilege to see and meet a soul

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  • Weekly sessions with regular reviews. Sessions will combine counselling, coaching and mindfulness, to suit your individual needs.

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  • A dynamic combination of counselling and coaching styles, to suit the particular relationship issues presenting. Sessions are held weekly initially, with flexibility to work fortnightly or monthly further down the line.

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  • In consultation with your particular business needs; I offer a bespoke service. Mental health training, well-being workshops and individual or group sessions will be priced on an individual basis.

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Client experiences

  • I never believed I could get to the place I am now, in terms of growth, happiness and personal development. But you did! Right from the start, you smiled and said you would hold my hand until I was ready. Here I am, a year later, loving my life and this man that I am really proud to be.

    George Client
  • The whole process has been completely amazing. There is no longer a void inside me and my fire is well and truly alight and burning stronger all the time. I feel complete again.

    Laura Client
  • Your enthusiasm, skills, knowledge and wisdom have helped me to develop confidence and self-awareness that I didn’t know was possible. You told me right at the start that it was all inside me already…well I’m well and truly connected to it now….and its amazing!

    Katie Client


  • The Menopause

    I have been truly horrified by the horrendous experiences that some of my female clients are going through, on their journeys through the stages of Menopause.Presenting with anxiety, depression, loss…

  • What’s your love language?

    In his bestselling book, The Five Love Languages (Moody Publications, £9.99), relationship counsellor Dr Gary Chapman identifies five different ways that we can express love:words of affirmationquality timereceiving giftsacts of service and physical touch.Without…

  • Managing Anxiety

    Anxiety is a normal part of human existence. There are biological reasons why we experience anxiety as human beings, which explains why we latch on to negative events, why we…


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