The Menopause

I have been truly horrified by the horrendous experiences that some of my female clients are going through, on their journeys through the stages of Menopause.

Presenting with anxiety, depression, loss and grief, exhaustion, as well as physical symptoms such as aching limbs, headaches and insomnia. Most of these women have been suffering for years, and have not had Menopause diagnosed. This means that on top of all these symptoms, there is fear and a complete lack of support.

It is only after four such years myself, that I finally recognised what was happening to me. That I wasn't terminally ill or going completely mad! It has not been a straightforward treatment path, but I am managing the symptoms better, getting support and some days, even embracing the slower pace that my body and soul need right now.

Who knows, one day, when I have looked after myself well enough, I will look back and thank goodness for this time that has helped me re evaluate where and how i spend my time and energy.

Warm wishes,


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